Providing Air and Water Sterilizer solutions for your manufacturing needs.

At Tank Supply, our specialty is manufacturing and distributing new equipment and OEM parts for all Air and Water sterilizing needs.

Keeping airborne contaminants out by securing liquid ingredient tanks with efficient HEPA filtration from Tank Supply, the only name trusted by reputable companies in the US as well as Canada for over 40 years.

Tank Supply Corporation offers an array of products that guarantee protection from mold and bacteria in your ingredient tanks. We carry high quality Ultraviolet Lamps and replacement parts for both Air and Water Sterilizers. We carry parts for Aquafine, Trojan, Atlantium, Atlantic Ultraviolet, Aquionics, Food Line Piping, Neotech, and American Ultraviolet, just to name a few.


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Water Sterilizers

Tank Supply Corp. is a direct distributor for Aquafine/Trojan water treatment systems and replacement parts.

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Ultraviolet Lamps

Germicidal Lamps emit a blue glow to indicate the lamp is on. The blue glow is not the Ultraviolet rays but visible light for the operator to know power is running through the lamp.

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Air Sterilizer Units

Sterilizer units use filtration to increase the efficiency of the ultraviolet lamps.  Ultraviolet lamps are surface treatment to the air stream.  Microbes can hide on dust particles from the UV exposure and pollute your tank.

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Passive Breather vents

On the Passive Breather System, we do offer a set up that incorporates our 100% Dacron Cube Pre-Filter and aluminum HEPA Filter with separators.

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Tank Supply Corporation has developed an efficient, economical in-line strainer especially for sweetener system fill lines as recommended by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and the Department of Agriculture.

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Pas System

Tank Supply Corporation has created the highest quality air sterilizer on the market today, the PAS System. The PAS provides maximum air quality to your liquid sweeter tanks by using state of the art filtration.

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Hav System

This blower system was designed for large (20,000 gallon+) liquid storage tanks.

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sanitary strainers

Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainers – Y & L Strainers
Easy to use and easy to clean, Unibloc strainers combine sanitary design with functionality. Composed of high-polished 316 stainless steel, our strainers are designed to meet the most demanding hygienic applications.

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