Tank Supply was founded in 1980 to provide sales and maintenance of Air Sterilizers for liquid ingredient tanks in the Southern California area. Since that time, our customers can be found in almost every state of the USA. We have also broadened our product line to include components for water sterilizers becoming the West Coast distributor for Aquafine/ Trojan products for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Members of the Tank Supply family include Coca Cola, 7 Up, Pepsi Cola, Dean Foods, Con Agra, Sparkletts, Shasta Beverages, Blue Bunny, California Dairies, and Golden State Foods, just to name a few. We hope you will become part of our growing family.


Air and Water Sterilizers

Tank Supply Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing replacement parts for all Air and Water Sterilizers. We maintain the integrity and investment of your ingredients through efficient sterilization and filtration. Tank Supply Corporation is the only name trusted by reputable companies in North America for over thirty years.

We offer an array of products that guarantee protection from mold and bacteria in your primary liquid ingredients.

For a snapshot view of our products and services, please take time to browse through our products.


With our patented Air Sterilizer and independent testing, it is safe to say we manufacturer the best and most efficient air sterilizer in the market. With over twenty years in production, the PAS system provides maximum air quality to your liquid sweeter tanks by using state of the art filtration. This system creates a completely sterile environment and will maintain the integrity of your product against dust, dirt, mold, and bacteria spores when combined with our U-shaped Stainless-Steel Vent.


We carry high quality Ultraviolet Lamps, HEPA Filters and Electrostatic Pre-Filters to maintain your Air and Water Sterilizers. We offer new equipment as well as the replacement parts for Aquafine, Trojan, Aquionics, NeoTech, Atlantic Ultraviolet, Food Line, and American Ultraviolet systems, just to name a few brands.

Preventative Maintenance & Service

Our manufacturer certified technicians provide service to the West Coast area, and throughout the United States by request, for all water/air sterilization equipment installation, maintenance, and emergency calls. We also offer technical support for general troubleshooting and inquiries.