On the Passive Breather System, we do offer a set up that incorporates our 100 % Dacron Cube Pre-Filter and aluminum HEPA Filter with separators. The Pre-Filter has over 800 sq. inches and captures down to fewer than 10 microns as it is made of a four-ply Dacron fiber with a built in tackifier. Given the size of this pre-filter and its capture ability, it takes much of the load off the HEPA so that the HEPA has an extended lifetime. With the aluminum separators in the HEPA Filter, it would allow it to breathe should it also get in contact with moisture. Both filters can be easily changed out, as the system works with locking draw-pulls and a double hinged mechanism, so there are no removable parts when the filters are exchanged out. The vent is made of all Stainless Steel construction. The design of this vent will not allow any air to bypass filtration. Every time that the filters are changed, it’s like putting in all new gasket material to achieve a tight fit. All other systems, excluding this one, allow bypass given the nature of their construction. This patented design is incorporated in our PAS Air Sterilizer System. This system will support a draw-down rate of 600 gpm. The base of the unit has a 4” NPT hook up to give adequate support of the unit. Should you need a different type of design, we can custom to your needs.

Passive Breather Vent

The Passive Breather Vent is designed to allow air flow in both directions with HEPA filtration that will allow the tank to breathe during filling and draw-down operations. The HEPA design contains a new Winged Fiber Media has extremely high moisture and humidity resistance with filtration down to .3 microns at 150 gpm.

  • Vent is made of 14 gauge stainless steel, welded and polished
  • No open corners that would allow unfiltered air to enter the tank
  • Full back bracing to insure complete seal with the HEPA filter on 4 sides
  • 2 electrostatic pre filters to reduce particulate load on the HEPA
  • Gasket on the HEPA seals to the electrostatic pre-filter
  • 4 locking draw pulls seals filters in tight and evenly across the filter face
  • 3” ferrule for sanitary fitting
  • Dimensions 13” long X 10 ¼” X 10 ¼”